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Piqora is the smartest way to discover, curate & publish photos & pins on earned and owned channels.

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ROI & Sales from mobile first UGC Galleries

Piqora makes it easy to discover, curate & merchandize shoppable photos on your product pages, category pages and home page. Tell visual stories, drive mobile commerce & boost brand engagement with your audience. All with your best customer photos.

Turn UGC Photos into Shoppable Ads on Instagram

Instagram users expect highly aesthetic content and cookie cutter creatives simply don't work. Piqora automatically recommends the best photo creatives based on past conversion and social engagement history and allows you turn those photos into paid ads. Combined with Instagram specific smart targeting for Geo and user interests and mobile first landing page curation capabilities – you'll be generating sales from Instagram in no time.

Find the most relevant, most authentic photos

Piqora's unique multi-network UGC search engine enables you to find more and better photos than hashtag tracking ever can. Piqora is the only UGC search engine that pulls multi-language, geo-based content from Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.

get rights

Go beyond discovery. Acquire rights in a few clicks

Get rights in just a few clicks. Piqora takes user privacy and intellectual property rights seriously. With just a few clicks you can personalize and craft a specific message to request rights to photos. Piqora then messages the user, documents the entire conversation for legal and makes the approved photograph available for website integration. Only approved images can be published. We make it safe and easy for you.

Get Advanced Media & Audience Insights to Boost Ad Performance

Get audience, content, lifestyle, brand, & competitive insights to smartly target your Instagram ad campaigns. Discover how your brands and products are getting shared visually and discover trending content. Go beyond influencers. Identify your brand advocates who may not be following you. Instagram is the 2nd largest mobile destination. Our insights help you make the most of it.

Multi-Language, location based Content & Galleries

Piqora's global UGC search allows you to find content by language, geography and even specific locations. Build country and language specific UGC galleries to personalize for your local audiences.

Save time with Instagram & Pinterest management

Piqora saves you hours every week by helping you schedule multiple images daily via smart scheduling on Pinterest & Instagram. Cross-post & Repost your best photos & pins. Find all reporting & metrics in one place. Use our mobile app to publish on Instagram.

Better content strategy with Data & Analytics

With millions of images indexed daily, Piqora has some of the best data and analytics for your social profiles, hashtags, images and keywords. Use our insights to inform content strategy, social publishing, SEO and media buying decisions

Make Instagram shoppable with Tapshop

Piqora's Tapshop enables you to instantly make Instagram a revenue generator. Drive traffict & sales from your Instagram photo landing page. Get a custom page of linked photos instantly and email shoppable photos directly into inboxes.

Collect UGC from Instagram Contests

Piqora has powered over a thousand UGC & hashtag contests. Track reach, impressions, top photos and top participants for your contest with an on-brand contest page. Host the contest on Piqora's microsite or on your own website with an easy setup.

Piqora gets you the most authentic UGC photos to help your bottom line. Ask us how! Contact us at hello@piqora.com